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<cfapplication	name="app001" 
				 clientManagement="true" />

ColdFusion applications are defined using the cfapplication tag. An application is a collection of files that contain a cfapplication tag with the same name. cfapplication tag is normally used in application.cfm.

application.cfm if available is "auto-prepended" or "auto-included" for each and every request. Application.cfm should be spelt with "A" (capital A) in unix environment.

cf engine will search for application.cfm in request template directory and if not found will move up the directory tree till the system root (eg. C:\). If application.cfm is found it is auto-included and the request template is executed.

cfapplication tag creates the application scope, session and client scope. As long as the system doesn't encounter other cfapplication tag(s), all files within the folder / sub-folder that contain the Application.cfm will be considered as one application only.

in general application.cfm file is used for
1. setting up the application name
2. create and initialize application scoped variables (dsn, admin emails)
3. for error handling using the cferror tag


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