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A closure is formed by returning a reference to a function (inner function) that was created within an execution context of another function.

Closure example
<script type="text/javascript">
	function myClosure(arg1, arg2){
		var myLocalVar = 3;
		function innerFn(innerArg){
			return arg1 + arg2 + myLocalVar + innerArg;
		//return a reference to the inner function defined as - innerFn
		return innerFn;
	function runMe() {
		var myGlobalVar1 = myClosure(1, 2);
		alert("creating myClosure(1, 2)");
		alert(myGlobalVar1(4));		//returns 10 (1+2+3+4)
		alert(myGlobalVar1(5));		//returns 11 (1+2+3+5)
		alert(myGlobalVar1(6));		//returns 12 (1+2+3+6)
		var myGlobalVar2 = myClosure(11, 22);
		alert("creating myClosure(11, 22)");
		alert(myGlobalVar2(4));		//returns 40 (11+22+3+4)
		alert(myGlobalVar2(5));		//returns 41 (11+22+3+5)
		alert(myGlobalVar2(6));		//returns 42 (11+22+3+6)


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